Palmetto Health Richland MICU

Faculty: James Barker, MD
Lydia Chang, MD
Ali Raza, MD
Sunil Sharma, MD
Alexander Sy, MD

Institution: Palmetto Health Richland

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Offered: Throughout academic year

Number of Students: 1 Per Rotation

Students Report To: An orientation letter will be mailed with details prior to the beginning of the rotation. Call Patti Smith at (803) 540-1092 for further information.

Students will be regular members of the attending and resident critical care team. A multi-disciplinary critical care teaching month will be offered. Emphasis will be placed on deferential diagnosis, systems based practice, and multi-disciplinary care. Procedural training will be offered and directly supervised by attending physicians.

The fourth year students will perform as acting interns. They will have their own patient cadre of two to three patients per student. The student will be responsible for the evaluation of care of all patients to whom they are assigned.

In addition they will be expected to participate in all the educational efforts organized through the team.

In house call will be observed approximately every fourth night. Students will be paired with an upper level Internal Medicine resident to insure adequate supervision and a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Goals and Objectives

  1. The student will learn to evaluate the patient with shock and initiate initial therapy.
  2. The student will learn to understand and evaluate respiratory failure and initiate appropriate therapy with basic ventilator modes and non-invasive ventilation.
  3. The student will be exposed to quality improvement issues and will participate in the quality improvement projects lead by the resident physicians.
  4. The student will learn to evaluate and develop a differential diagnosis for common fluid and electrolyte problems such as metabolic acidosis, hyponatremia, and diabetic hyperosmolar coma.

Teaching Methods

  1. The student will perform direct patient care under the guidance of the attending physician and resident physicians. They will follow standard Pulmonary Critical Care MICU monthly curriculum guidelines.
  2. The student will be prepared for multidisciplinary daily rounds.
  3. Five hours of didactic case based teaching will be directed by the attending staff per week.
  4. Laboratory studies as well as radiographs will be reviewed with the residents and attending physicians.
  5. The student will be assigned small individual information projects to critically review and report back to the interdisciplinary team during work and education rounds.


  1. A pre and post test will be given.
  2. Direct observation of the student's work will be done.
  3. The standard evaluation form will be completed by the attending physician after consultation with the resident physicians.
  4. Direct observation of any procedures by the student will be done and corrective training offered.