PEDI D615  

3/30/2012 Updated

Pediatric Inpatient/General Ward Acting Internship
Faculty: April Buchanan, M.D. - AI Director
Jeff Gerac, M.D.
Matthew Grisham, M.D.
Russ Kolarik, M.D.
Joseph Maurer, M.D.
Amanda O'Kelly, M.D.
Robby Robinson, M.D.
Kerry Sease, M.D.
Elizabeth Tyson, M.D.

Institution: Greenville Hospital System
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Duration: 4 weeks
Course Offered: Periods 1-10
Number of Students: 1-2 Per Period
Students Report To:
Tempie Kehl
USC Medical Student Services Assistant
Pediatric Clerkship Coordinator
GHS University Medical Center
Phone: 864-455-5251
Fax: 864-455-3884

The student will function as a member of the Pediatric Inpatient health care team, carrying a maximum load of four (4) patients. Pediatric night call is every fourth night. Students work with the interns, residents and GHS faculty. Education material is presented via attending rounds, didactic lectures, sub specialty lectures, weekly grand rounds, resident case presentations, rounds with residents, clinical pathologic conferences and small group discussions. These assignments offer an opportunity for students to learn and experience practical clinical medicine on a general ward service. Grades will be determined based on faculty and resident evaluations.