Psychiatry Acting Internship

Faculty: Jack W. Bonner, III, M.D. - AI Director

Institution: Greenville Hospital System

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Offered: Periods 2-10

Number of Students: 1 Per Period

1.) Core Rotations,
2.) Prior contact by phone with Jack Bonner, M.D, Program Director for Psychiatric Teaching Services (864-455-7834).

Students Report To:
Maggie D. Stricker,M.Ed. USC Medical Student Services Coordinator
GHS University Medical Center
Phone: 864-455-9808
Pager: 864-390-0555
Fax: 864-455-5267

Acting Interns function at the level of an intern and/or first year resident. Students may serve as psychiatrists for inpatients with acute psychiatric disorders. Depending on the rotation period students will rotate on an adult or child/adolescent unit at Marshall I. Pickens Psychiatric Hospital or on an adult unit at Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital. Psychiatric problems may be complex and diverse in the inpatient population, and opportunities for direct hands-on patient care are extensive. Students follow five (5) to seven (7) patients daily, with overnight call every four (4) nights. Another opportunity is to participate in consultation/liason psychiatry on either the Greenville Memorial Hospital in-patient units or the emergency department (or both). Acting Interns work with GHS faculty. Educational material is presented via attending rounds, lectures, literature seminars, etc. Experiential learning assignments maximize learning opportunities. End of rotation assessment may include case presentations, literature reviews, and oral examinations.

Please see NPSY D671 Elective in Psychiatry for additional information.