It is imperative that the academic integrity of the senior year at USCSM be maintained for each student. For this reason, a student should not expect to be excused from required rotations or electives for residency interviews during the senior year. Students who find it necessary to miss any days of a rotation or elective must obtain permission from the respective clerkship director or department chair. Any student who is absent for residency interviews for more than three days per four weeks of a clerkship may be required to makeup the missed time. Excessive absences during a rotation or elective may result in an "Unsatisfactory" grade in personal and professional conduct or in a reduction in the academic letter grade.

The Senior Medicine and Senior Surgery rotations are to be taken in either Columbia or Greenville. Up to four (4) rotations (electives, selective, and AI) may be scheduled away and no more than three (3) electives (including the AI and selective) in the same specialty or subspecialty. One or two additional rotations beyond the nine required rotations can be scheduled, if desired, in any specialty or subspecialty and at any approved site.

Each student will be evaluated at the conclusion of each rotation and elective by means of evaluation forms for required and elective course work. Each department determines the method of overall evaluation. If a letter grade is to be assigned, a grading scale consistent with the USCSM letter grade system outlined in the School of Medicine Bulletin is utilized.