MIII and MIV students register and manage their course schedules via the OASIS registration system. Students are provided access to the system by the Office of Curricular Affairs. In general, the deadline to drop or add is four (4) weeks prior to the beginning date of the elective. However, some electives may have additional requirements that involve special consideration/notification.  Independent Study, Extramural Electives, and Extramural Acting Internship experiences must be approved by the Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar and/or the Assistant Dean for Clinical Curriculum. Failure to do so in the specified time frame can result in the student not receiving credit for the experience. Links to the respective forms are below.

Independent Study Electives
Request to Take M-IV Independent Study Elective Form

Extramural Electives
Request To Take Extramural Elective Form

Extramural Acting Internship
Request To Take Extramural Acting Internship

A student is not registered for the elective until confirmation is received and the request form has been completed and approved.

Before approval, the student must submit the request form(s) and the following items to the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar and the Assistant Dean for Clinical Curriculum: letter of acceptance and/ or e-mail confirmation from program/director of experience, elective or independent study description, exact description of student's responsibilities, and the name, address and telephone number of the elective or independent study director/coordinator