Department of Family and Preventive Medicine


Primary Care Sports Medicine (M-IV elective)

Jason Stacy, MD – Course Director
Brian Keisler, MD,
Ramon Ylanan, MD.

Institution: University of South Carolina School of Medicine Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Location: Columbia, SC

Prerequisite: Interest in Primary Care Sports Medicine as a career

Duration: 4 weeks - Fourth Year Students Only

Course Offered: August through March

Number of Students: 1 per rotation

Students Report To:

Loretta Prescott
Family Medicine Center
3209 Colonial Drive
8:30 am

This course is designed to give the fourth year medical students exposure to the different aspects of primary care sports medicine. Clinical venues include the Sports Medicine Center, Family Medicine Center, student health center, community settings and USC athletic training room. During the rotation, students will also gain exposure to physical therapy, casting/splinting and exercise physiology.

Course Objectives:

  • Improve musculoskeletal medicine knowledge base including anatomy, biomechanics, pathophysiology of common injuries, and prevention techniques
  • Improve musculoskeletal examination skills
  • Understand appropriate referral indications
  • Understand appropriate diagnostic tests, what and when to order, as well as how to read the studies
  • Understand treatment options for common musculoskeletal injuries
  • Improve treatment skills including common physical therapy protocols and therapeutic modalitites
  • Exposure to common musculoskeletal procedures including bracing and casting techniques, fracture and dislocation reductions, joint injections and aspirations

Didactic sessions occur weekly. Opportunities for additional didactics may occur throughout the rotation.

Sporting event coverage takes place through the University of South Carolina as well as several local high schools.

The rotation takes place in the setting of a Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at a major NCAA Division I university. Students are offered the opportunity to work with both faculty members as well as sports medicine fellows.

Requirements for the rotation include coverage of at least 2 sporting events with either Family Medicine residents, Sports Medicine Fellows or faculty members. In addition, students will be expected to give a 10 -15 minute presentation on a sports medicine topic of interest during one of the weekly didactic sessions.