Department of Family and Preventive Medicine


Office-Based Counseling Skills in Primary Care

Faculty: Matt Orr, M.D. - Course Director

Institution: Palmetto Health Richland

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Prerequisite: Prior arrangement with Course Director

Duration: 4 weeks - Fourth Year Students only

Course Offered: Throughout academic year

Number of Students: 1 per rotation

Students Report To:
Matt Orr, M.D.,
Family Practice Center,
3209 Colonial Drive, 8:30 a.m.
Contact Patricia Rice,
Administrative Assistant,
(803) 434-2498.

The course is designed to provide introduction to and enhancement of office-based counseling skills in primary care. It will also address basic theory and skill development in the treatment of emotional disorders within the structure of a primary care practice. Emphasis is placed upon brief, direct, and supportive techniques and strategies intended to augment clinicians' abilities to effectively treat some of the most common psychosocial issues encountered in primary care clinics. Programmed videotapes will be presented and evaluated. Videotaped encounters of the student with Family Medicine patients will be monitored and individually supervised. Videotaping will address interview skills, relationship enhancement issues, transference and countertransference phenomena, nonverbal communication and patient psychodiagnostics. Students will be precepted within and and outside the Family Medicine Center by a variety of interdisciplinary clinicians. Students may sit in on individual and family psychotherapy sessions with the preceptors and discuss patient dynamics. Psychiatric topics of interest to the student will also be prepared and discussed.