Updated 2/21/2013


Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

FPMD 632

Global Health and Primary Care (M-IV)

Faculty: Jeff Hall M.D. - Course Director

Institution: Assigned

Location: Family Medicine Center (2 weeks), Honduras (2 weeks)

Prerequisite: Prior arrangement with instructor made by student

Duration: 4 weeks - Fourth Year Students only

Course Offered: February 3 – 28, 2014

Number of Students: up to 6

Students Report To: Course Director

Contact: Daniel Weinberg, Student Coordinator, Family Medicine Center, 3209 Colonial Drive Columbia, SC 29203.  (803) 434-6152;  or

This course offers a brief, intensive exposure to Global health, It is intended both for students considering a career working in this area and also for those who plan to spend the majority of their career in the United states but who want to learn more about providing clinical care in developing nations. 

The first two weeks of the elective will be spent in the United States with significant didactic requirements including readings, small group discussions, and required presentations.  The latter two weeks will involve a project with the organization Shoulder to shoulder.  From their materials:
The Honduras field experience is set in rural Santa Lucia, Intibucá, at the Shoulder to Shoulder clinic.  The clinic provides 24 hour service to the residents in the area including dental services, x-ray and lab services, maternity services and inpatient care.  The clinic is an eight hour bus ride from the airport, and three hours over dirt roads from the closest hospital.  Every brigade member will have a variety of experiences, including outpatient clinic work, overnight call in the clinic, public health projects, and home visits.  Students and residents are supervised by faculty with experience in global health.  Nightly conferences are held to discuss the events of the day, interesting cases and presentations by residents, students and faculty.”

Cost:  The cost for the experience is $1100, plus airfare (usually $500-$800).  This includes all in country food, lodging and transportation.  The brigade fee is tax deductible.