Obstetrics and Gynecology Acting Internship
Faculty: Dr. Allison Jackson, M.D. - AI Director
Coordinator: Jeanne Fulford
Institution: Palmetto Health Richland
Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Duration: 4 week
Course Offered: Periods 2-9
Number of Students: 1 Per Period, 2 at the discretion of the clerkship director
Required Call: 1 Saturday and 1 Friday evening/Sunday day shift
Contact: Department of OBGYN (803) 545-5703;;

Students Report To:
Acting Intern is to report at 8:15 a.m. to 2Med Park, Suite 208 to meet with Dr. Jackson on the 1st day of the rotation. The Acting Intern will meet with Dr. Jackson on a weekly basis on Monday afternoon to design their schedule and individualize their experience.
Acting Interns function at the level of a first year resident for OB/GYN in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Session may be divided into 2 week rotations; subsetted into:

1. Gynecology — Participating in Colposcopy Clinic, Peds and Adolescent Clinic, Urogynecology and GYN Surgery, and ultrasonography with clinic responsibilities. The student will also participate as an active member of the gynecology inpatient team, with rounding responsibilities and be expected to be present and scrubbed for OR cases.
Students will work with USCSOM faculty and staff. Academics are covered through rounds and case presentations.
Rotation allows Acting Interns the ability to structure their time with emphasis on personal preference in the field of OB/GYN. The Acting Intern will meet with Dr. Jackson at the beginning of the rotation to further personalize their rotation.

2. Obstetrics — During the Acting Internship experience in obstetrics, Acting Interns will have an opportunity to get a more in depth exposure to general obstetrical problems, maternal medical problems and disorders of the fetus. Disorders of the fetus will include genetic abnormalities, birth defects, and alterations in fetal physiology. The Acting Intern will round on the high risk patients daily and participate in labor and delivery. The Acting Intern may accompany the residents to high risk clinic or the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist to his/her office hours depending on the student’s preference. The Acting Intern will also participate in cesarean deliveries, vaginal deliveries and other cases on labor and delivery.
Learning will take place through patient contact, literature review and the preparation and presentation of case relevant material. Acting Interns will also have an opportunity to acquire skills in Ultrasound.

Attendance, presentation of pertinent patient information and bedside manner will form the primary measure of success on this rotation. In addition, the Acting Intern will be required to give one scholarly 30 minute presentation to students, residents, and/or staff in order to obtain a grade. Guidance for this presentation will be provided by the clerkship director. The Acting Intern will also be expected to enter PEC data in New Innovations.