Scheduling procedures and forms are explained in detail at a class meeting early in the spring semester of the M-III year. Students are given approximately one month to meet with a faculty advisor to discuss schedules and make their selections in OASIS.

It is recommended that students plan their required rotations first and then fill in the remaining blocks with their electives. Students may choose to do some rotations at the Florence Regional campus as space allows. As much flexibility as possible will be allowed throughout the third and fourth year for changes, but required months cannot always be changed due to limits in the number of students allowed on certain rotations.

Schedules are processed in OASIS using a lottery system and then are made available to students. After the schedules have been posted, students have two weeks to change rotations among themselves before the schedule is finalized and sent to elective and clerkship directors.

When applicants are made an offer of acceptance to the School of Medicine, they will be informed that assignment to a clinical campus will occur early in their first year. By accepting the offer applicants will acknowledge that while they will be able to state a preference, there is no guarantee that they will be assigned to their preferred campus.  Students will be assigned to the Florence Regional campus for their third and fourth year clinical rotations. Similarly, scheduling procedures are explained at a class meeting on the USCSOM campus.