Third year students are expected to register with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) for the Step 2 United States Medical Licensing exams (Clinical Knowledge-CK and Clinical Skills-CS) by the end of the fifth rotation block, which falls approximately at the end of February during the M-III year. The USCSM deadline for completion of the Step 2 exams (both CK and CS) is the last day of the sixth rotation block of the M-IV year, which generally is in mid-December. However, students are strongly encouraged to complete the CS exam as soon after the M-III year as possible. This timeline greatly reduces the risk to the student in terms of his/her graduation from USCSM and the beginning of residency training.
National Resident "Match Day" occurs on the third Thursday in March, at which time senior students learn their destination for the next phase of their medical education-post-graduate or residency training.