Women’s Health Selective     (M-IV elective)

Faculty:  Brian Keisler MD Family Medicine- Course Director

Jamee Lucas MD – Geriatrics – Lead Faculty
Kerry Sims MD – Obstetrics and Gynecology
Judith Burgis MD – Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sharm Steadman PharmD – Pharmacology
Shawn Conwell MD – Radiology

Duration: 4 weeks 4th year students only

Course offered:  August thru April

Number of students: 1 per rotation

Pre Requisite:  Interest in the healthcare of women

Contact: Shannon Mewborn Student Coordinator (803-434-6152) Family Medicine Center 3209 Colonial Drive Columbia SX

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Be able to understand and counsel women based on current guidelines for health maintenance and wellness activities relevant to each life stage
  2. To improve skills in performing physical exams on women and to increase understanding of physical changes in various life stages
  3. To learn the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for diseases prevalent in women through direct patient contact
  4. Describe recent advances in contraceptive care, breast imaging and breast health
  5. Describe and review current literature recommendations about cardiac disease and treatment as relevant to women
  6. Describe current recommendations for bone health after menopause
  7. To enhance skills in communicating with women about health issues and problems, discussion of sensitive topics, and assisting women in decision-making on therapeutic options

This four-week experience is designed to provide the medical student with an opportunity to focus on issues specific to the health and prevention of disease in women across all ages. This outpatient rotation will provide a multidisciplinary medical perspective on the epidemiology of diseases and treatment pertaining to women.  Emphasis will be on topics such as health promotion and maintenance, heart disease, breast cancer and breast cancer screening, contraceptive care, basic outpatient gynecological care, menopause and osteoporosis. At completion of elective, students will have heightened awareness of the etiology, symptoms and progression of diseases experienced by women as well as specific approaches to wellness promotion and disease prevention.

Specifically students will rotate through a private gynecology office, menopause clinic, family medicine office, geriatric office and spend time in a large breast mammography center.  Students will have required readings and time devoted to specific topic didactics with faculty.  Students will be expected to research a women’s health topic of their choosing and prepare an informational poster for patient education